The Miner


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***This is NOT a toy for children – it is a collectable art figurine.***

“The Miner” is one of a limited edition of hand-modelled, cast and hand-painted resin figures, individually made by Aidan Booker, with fabulous attention to detail. Each figure is slightly different from the others, making each one unique!

“This grease-covered contraption was employed by the capital city council to create subterranean tunnels that could act as homes for the rejects of the mechanical metropolis.
However, he has gone somewhat feral, and now, from the heart of the nearby Mechanical Forest comes the sound of enthusiastic digging. The Miner has found something fascinating – perhaps a glowing crystal, an ancient fossil or a lost brass widget…”

The model stands approximately 4 inches tall, see last photos with ruler for scale. Rust-ling Scout is also shown for scale, but not included with this item (sold in a separate listing)!