Set of five greetings cards: “Welcome Winter”.


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These fine art greetings cards are inspired by the magic of Midwinter.

The “Green Man” painting includes all the trees of the Celtic Tree Calendar, along with moths and butterflies that rely on these trees for habitat and food plants. (5” x 7”)

“Holly King, Oak King” portrays the moment of transition at the Winter Solstice, at the darkest day of the year, when the Oak King takes over from the Holly King. (5” x 7”)

“Midwinter Holly” and “Scots Pine” are from the “Wisdom of Trees Oracle” deck, and are reproduced the same size as the original paintings. (Cards 6” x 4”)

“After the Wassail” portrays the orchard after the Wassail revellers have danced their way through, blessing the trees. The candles and lanterns remain, with a hare and a robin, under the light of the Moon. (Card 6” x 4”)