Set of five greetings cards: “Spirit of the Forest”.


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“Tree of Light” was painted for “Das Keltische Baum-Horoskop (Celtic Tree Calendar). (Card 5” x 7”)

“Hazel” is a celebration of one of our favourite native trees, and shows a sacred pool, with the Salmon of Wisdom; well-dressing ribbons; Mercury’s hazel wand, and much more. (Card 5” x 7”)

“Tree Wisdom” was created for the book of that name by Jacqueline Memory Paterson. Each tree from the book is portrayed in one single, united tree of life. (Card 5” x 7”)

“Animal Wisdom” was painted for this book, by Jessica Dawn Palmer. (Card 5” x 7”)

“Green Man”, spirit of the forest. This painting includes all the trees of the Celtic Tree Calendar, along with moths and butterflies that rely on these trees for habitat and food plants. (5” x 7”)