Set of five greetings cards: “Mandalas”.


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“Triple Hares”, by Graham Booker, portrays an ancient symbol, found in many pieces of art and architecture through history. (Card 5” x 7”)

“Dragons of the Elements” explores the nature of each dragon in Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Private commission. (Card 5” x 7”)

“Chakras” was created by both Meraylah and Graham. The original paintings of seven Chakras were commissioned by the Charles Walker Collection, and Graham created this image digitally from the paintings. (Card 5” x 7”)

“Celtic Calendar” was painted for the book by Brian Day, and miscellany of Celtic folklore and traditions. (Card 5” x 7”)

“Blessed Bee” was exhibited at the Royal Miniature Society exhibition in London in 2015, and is reproduced at actual size. (Card 6” x 4”)