Set of five greetings cards: “Creatures of the Forest”


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I painted “Wildwood Way” for the book of that name by Cliff Seruntine, which is an inspirational account of his self-sufficient life in Nova Scotia.

I painted “Journey Tree” for the book cover of “The Healing Power of Trees” by Sharlyn Hidalgo.
All the trees from the Ogham alphabet are represented in one tree, and the Salmon of Wisdom swims in the pool below.

“Hazel” is a celebration of one of our favourite native trees, and shows a sacred pool, with the Salmon of Wisdom; well-dressing ribbons; Mercury’s hazel wand, and much more.

“The White Fox”, a rare creature, is glimpsed among the roots of an ancient oak tree. She is a guardian, a guide, dwelling deep in the forest.

“Animal Wisdom” was painted for the book of this name, by Jessica Dawn Palmer.

All these cards are approx. 5×7″ and come with a brown recycled envelope.