Celtic Calendar


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“Celtic Calendar” was painted for the book by Brian Day. The painting illustrates a tradition or folklore for each month of the year.

Start at the top of “Celtic Calendar” with Winter Solstice fire and the wren, then move clockwise:
Jan. healing water of new year
Feb. Imbolc, oystercatcher sacred to Brigid.
March. Eostre / Easter hare. Equinox
April.adder, emerging from hibernation
May. Beltane fires, leaping the fire.
June Summer Solstice sunrise
July. herring fishing, community.
August. Lammas, harvest.
Sept. Autumn equinox, rowan berries and prayer ribbon.
Oct. Samhain customs, apple fortune telling.
Nov. Veil between worlds thinnest.

This card measures approx. 5″ x 7″ , is blank inside, and comes with a brown recycled envelope.